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History of the Body, History of Communication

Tcheon-Nahm park, Chief Curator (Sungkok Art Museum)


Moo Kwon Han explores the possibility of communication and probability of miscommunication through bodies and letters. This unique work of Han has derived from his contact with calligraphy as a child. He has continued his aesthetic, philosophical exploration for the hidden beauty and underlying meaning of letters, portraying hieroglyphic characters with the brush. To the artist, calligraphy and writing was a mental discipline rather than merely a modeling activity to beautify letters. Writing and aphorisms by his ancestors he met through calligraphy thus left distinct marks on his heart.

He has enhanced the possibility of communication, aggressively projecting three-dimensional letters onto space-time in a specific way, escaping fixed conventional ways of communication in a limited space such as rendering letters with hand or brush and typing letters with a computer. Studying in the United States he presented a video documenting a performance of repetitively overlapping letters on the ground by stepping or pounding the ground of his place with his feet and body. Traces of his actions of stepping and imprinting specific spelling by using his body hurriedly were cerebral physical patterns. His extremely difficult, unique actions to get over strange letters and cultures is seen as the development of his actions of writing letters on the ground or his cultural practice of writing into a new way of communication in a foreign land.

His cerebral attitude to convey timely messages and construct a critical semantic structure corresponds to his epistemological experience, underlining his active will and the possibility of communication. His work titled Epistemology can be seen as a crystallization of his autobiographical history formed through such will and effort. Han’s work is an incarnated trace and accumulation toward the true possibility of communication he comprehends with his body and mind. That is why dynamism stands out in his work. His work is, so to speak, a history of the body and history of communication.

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