A charged magazine of 6 pistons moves to load into the cylinders for SB140P a Hydrodynamic Breaker right after Heat Treatment.

Machines write the philosophy of move descended from greatminds.

6 Pistons, 27 cm (diameter) x 110 cm each, carbon stainless steel

Magazine, 101 cm (diameter) x 210 cm, 6 pistons, carbon stainless steel

CLARK forklift CRX 20 (Length: 237 cm, Width: 126 cm with extension, Height: 210 cm)

Crane on 5 tons cargo truck (210x1000x370 cm)

Altitude, height of basket: 21 meter, 70 feet

2 channel hd blu-ray, 3:47, dimensions variable, 2016

행성궤도론, 헤겔, 1801

"자연의 최초의 힘인 중력과 관련해서 본다면 자연이 만들어낸 지상의 모든 물체는 완전히 자립적인 것은 아니다. 지상의 물체들이 어느 정도 완전하게 그들 나름의 방식으로 우주상을 표현한다고 해도, 전체의 힘에 압도당하고 마침내 소멸한다. 이에 반해 천체는 땅에 매여 있지 않고 그 무게중심을 완전히 스스로 안에 지니고 있기 때문에 투명한 에테르 속을 신들처럼 자유롭게 떠다닌다. 일찍이 키케로가 소크라테스에게 바쳤던, 철학을 하늘에서 끌어내려 그것을 인간의 일상생활 속으로 가져왔다는 칭송은 주목할 만한 가치가 거의 없거나 아니면 이렇게 해석되어야 한다. 만일 철학을 하늘에서 끌어내린 뒤 다시 하늘로 들어 올리려고 모든 노력을 기울이지 않는다면 철학은 인간의 일상생활에 어떤 도움도 주지 못할 것이다."

Planet Orbits by G.W.F. Hegel

All of nature’s earthly creations show their inadequacy in the face of her first force, gravity. Subdued by the pressure of the whole, they perish however perfectly they may, after their own fashion, embody the image of the universe. Like gods, in contrast, the heavenly bodies wander so serenely through the light aether precisely because they bear their centre of gravity fully within themselves and are not bound to the earth. No expression of reason could be purer nor more sublime than that organism we call the solar system and nothing could be worthier of philosophicalcontemplation. Thus is Cicero’s praise of Socrates, that he brought philosophy down from heaven into the lives and hearths of men, to be judged rather meagre unless we understand it as saying that philosophy can bring no benefit to our lives and our homes without, once descended, exerting all its energy to ascend once again back up into heaven.
The brief space of a dissertation is hardly suitable to the treatment of so august an object of enquiry. Indeed, only the elements can be given here. I will attempt to do that by first discussing the concepts usual to the physics contained in the science of astronomy. Then I move on to present what true philosophy has established concerning the structural bonds of the solar system with particular reference to the planets’ orbits. Finally, I demonstrate the real strength of philosophy in the mathematical determination of quantitative relations by citing a famous example from ancient philosophy.

Forklift Orbit 4 seconds 7 layers, 2016


Hegel and Confucius, idealrealismus and Philosophia, all great minds disappeared and plausible sentences were descended on texts. I visually navigate digital excitement, and purpose to deliver analogical sympathy through humorous satire. Technology includes futuristic possibilities. Emotional humanity is unchangeable. Ideology is adjustable. Art would change the world and I am a “Discoverer” for expedition of digitally moving scholar painting in performance and poem. All prompt to be philosophical “Re-wakening”



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